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Bolt Bins and Drawers

Wire Shelving storage

Industrial Shelving and Storage Cabinets made simple for easy application selection with brand names you trust for 
igh V
alue and Quality

Serving Storage Equipment Needs
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The Largest Selections Ever! More selections of commercial and industrial metal shelving, bin shelving units, storage cabinets, 
work benches, rivet shelving, die rack shelving, pick racks, nut and bolt bins, and shop equipment

Shelving-Online.... for all your Shelving and Storage Needs  
Metal Shelving adjustable for industrial and commercial office utility shelving applications   

Industrial and Commercial Shelving for: Store Rooms, Supply Rooms, Parts Rooms, Supply Depots, Central Stores, Parts Shelving, Warehouses, Supply Rooms, Automotive Dealerships
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Wire Shelving

Open and Closed Shelving  
for general or small parts use
5% discount for orders
over $2,000.00

Rivet Rak
bin units and bulk rack
5% discount for orders
over $2,000.00

Plastic Bin Units  
for small parts storage

Bin Divider Units
Discounted Pricing
Special Application Storage Units

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Parts Storage Cabinets
Parts cabinets for secure storage

Heavy Duty Die Rack
5% discount for orders
over $2,000.00

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Pick Racks
5% discount for orders
over $2,000.00

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Bin Divider Units
Heavy Duty Die Rack
Parts Storage Cabinets
Pick Racks
Plastic Bin Units
Rivet Rak Shelving
Shelving - Open and Closed
Slotted Angle
Storage Cabinets
Wire Shelving

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Nut and 
Bolt Bins

Shop Desks

Shelving Carts

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Storage Cabinets

"The Definitive Source for 
Steel Shelving and Bin Products!"

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                                 and Storage Products

Other Storage     

Nut and Bolt Bins
Work Benches- Akro 
Mobile Work Tables

Work Benches - General
Shop Desks

Work Benches


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