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Industrial Metal Shelving for Store Rooms, Stock Rooms and More. Steel shelving units or metal shelves for heavy duty shelving systems. 
Simplify your Industrial steel shelving with high strength adjustable  clip shelving made for any application

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Metal shelves - Boxer shelves are constructed of 18, 20 or 22 gauge cold rolled steel with full welded box formation
in front and back of the shelf and have formed channels on both ends. All corners are lapped and welded for additional strength. 
All shelves are designed and manufactured to provide maximum load bearing capability at a reasonable price.

The Fastest 
Lead Times
in the Industry!

Heavy Duty Box Shelves Provided in each unit for Maximum Durability

Built  Tough for Industrial Use
Medium Duty and Heavy duty suited for Tough Applications

Lighter Duty suited for Back Office Supply Use 
and lightweight parts applications


Common Applications
Parts Rooms and Industrial Storage Areas, 
Plant Maintenance shops, Store Rooms, 
Central Stores, Automotive Parts

Listed below are Industry Standard Welded Box Reinforced shelf Units designed to holdup to even the heaviest loads!!


Lead times 3-7 days in gray
Special Colors 2 weeks!!

Shelving Specifications and Color Selections 
 Other than industrial gray


Choose from the following:

Open Shelving Units
Light, Medium or
Heavy Duty

6'1" and 7'1"



Closed Shelving Units
Light, Medium or
Heavy Duty

6'1" and 7'1"



All steel components receive a rust resistant phosphatized cleaning for better paint adhesion and durability. A custom, 
quality blended powder coat paint is applied "Electro-Statically" and then baked on in a continuous curing oven for lasting durability and outstanding appearance.

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